Teddy Station Teddy Workshop

Teddy Station Teddy Workshop

With a year in the planning the Steiff Teddy Bear Workshop Southend 2017 has been an overwhelming success for Teddy Station.

 From the start a suitable venue was needed, with all the qualities to host such a prestigious event. The beautiful Park Inn Hotel was chosen as the best venue as it is very similar to the actual Steiff factory in Germany, offering plenty of windows with daylight flooding in.

Offering a wonderful view of Southend–on-Sea including the longest pleasure pier in the world, this was an delight for all our guests from Germany and teddy bear enthusiasts from all over the UK.

We ran two workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  We also had Steiff presentations by Ian Munroe, Steiff International Director, running alongside these, including a first time appearance Joachim Steiff who entertained with some friendly banter, and then concluded with a super raffle of three Steiff bears.

Teddy Station, now one of the top 10 Steiff shops in the UK, displayed a huge Steiff collection for sale in the foyer, with Joachim Steiff at hand to sign any Steiff pieces.

The Workshops were run by Ralf Anders Fahrig, International Events Manager who was assisted by Yvette and Sunnhild Walzer, head seamstresses from the Steiff factory in Germany.

44 bears were being made, and everybody had the choice of coloured thread to use and different coloured eyes to pick from, to make their personalised bears. 

The bears were also embroidered with their names on paw pad. Everyone did a fantastic job of making their bears and loved every minute of the experience, the concentration was so intense you could hear a pin drop!

We also had a visit from the Lord Mayor Faye Evans who spent time walking round and talking to some of the participants and meeting with our VIP guests, who presented her with some Steiff gifts.

Teddy Station are now looking forward and planning for Next year’s, Germany trip to Steiff Sommer in 2018.