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Our Customer Service Charter

The Victoria Shoppng Centre is a place that puts the needs of our customers first.  Our staff are committed to providing a responsive, caring and professional service incorporating these ten service habits.

We promise to:

Have PASSION in delivering the service you would like to receive.

Be INNOVATIVE and have the courage to try and experiment with new solutions.

Continually challenge and develop EXCELLENCE in all that we do.

GO ABOVE & BEYOND your expectations on a regular basis.

Take a collective approach to TEAMWORK and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Be a TRUSTED PARTNER taking ownership of problems until we find a solution.

Be GENEROUS with our time in support of others.

Be a role model and provide LEADERSHIP while looking to the future.

MAINTAIN INTENSE FOCUS on delivering service excellence.

Effectively network and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS within and outside our centre.


You can help us achieve all of this by:

Giving us the information we need to be able to help you.

Treat all our employees appropriately and with respect.

Helping us to improve by giving us your views and suggestions.